The painting depicts three blue faces that are connected, forming a slant composition at the center of the canvas to the top left. Each face has its own unique expression, ranging from peaceful and serene to contemplative and curious. Despite their differences, the three faces are connected in a way that suggests unity and interdependence, adding a layer of meaning to the painting. Behind the faces, a small village can be seen, the village is depicted in a whimsical and imaginative style, with crooked houses, winding roads and a plant. The use of bright and cheerful colors adds to the lively and joyful atmosphere of the village, creating a vivid and enchanting scene. Overall, the painting is an imaginative and colorful composition that showcases Marc's technical skills and creative vision. The use of color, form, and space is masterful, making this a truly captivating and memorable work of art. Oil on Canvas 30 x 30”, 2023
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